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This week in Toronto

prince harry

This week in Toronto

This week in Toronto, Canada, Prince Harry has told young people they should “look up from your phones.” He is, of course, spot on. Look around any bus, train or public space; the whole world is “head down and swiping”.

Nothing wrong with a bit of tech – it makes life so much easier. But tech – like a bad boss – will take as much of your time as it can, and still want more.

But Prince Harry shouldn’t confine his thoughts to the young. We’re all slightly obsessed with the trivia we can get through our phones. We live in a world were people are spending so much time on their phones that a town in Holland has just installed “traffic lights” on the pavement edge to stop distracted phone users from walking under a bus (a bus presumably full of people on their phones!).

And it’s the same at work. We can spend too much time pushing content to colleagues that we forget it’s not about quantity it’s about quality. What do our colleagues actually need to receive so they can do their jobs better? Not how much can I force feed them.

At work we can help reduce the amount of “head down and swiping” by sharing only high-quality content that people actually need. Do a Prince Harry and help your people to spend less time head down and more time being actively involved with the people around them.

They’ll thank you and they’ll start some amazing conversations of their own and who knows where they’ll lead?

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