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Nob thatchers unite!

Nob thatchers unite!

Huge thanks to re:find for allowing us to join them and invited guests at their wonderful office in Birmingham. It was – as promised – a jolly re:find affair with canapés, champagne and nob thatchers…

Nob what? You had to be there!

One box of veg! Masgroves unique internal communication training tool.

Aubergines, potatoes and our box of veg

As part of DOING by Masgroves, we’ve been trialling the use of a veg box to explain internal communication. Having done extensive research, we’re 99.9% certain no one else is using this technique! What’s it about?

Explaining something complex as simply as possible.

If it is not your day job, internal communication can feel complicated. Like any topic. Most internal communication training forgets this. By using everyday items, it helps make the topic easier to understand.

Like our aubergine.

A simple story about making any presentation memorable. Guaranteed, everyone who joined us at re:find will be able to recall the tale weeks later. And that’s what internal communication is all about.

Making messages stick.

The feedback to the event has been great – I think we’ll be invited back! Huge thanks to James and ‘Kurt’ for the invitation. And to JC Social Media for the photographs. And if you’d like to learn who or what a nob thatcher is, we’d ne happy to dress as Peaky Blinders once more, and come reveal all for you!

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