We had a great response to the launch of Pull No Punches last month. So, we’re super-excited to share another exclusive, this time with the CEO of the Soil Association, Helen Browning OBE.

Helen has a mixed organic farm in Wiltshire, with dairy, beef, pigs and cereals. She sells her products through the Helen Browning’s Organic brand in retailers large and small, as well as through her farm’s mini hotel and restaurant/pub, and her restaurant in Swindon. Aside from the Soil Association, Helen is a member of the Food Ethics Council, trustee of the RSPB and was recently appointed to the Food Farming and Countryside Commission hosted by the RSA.

Pull No Punches: Does internal communication matter?

With such a varied background, Helen is a great person to ask does internal communication matter? We believe it does but it’s time to discover if founders and business leaders agree, as they pull no punches. What is Helen’s candid feedback on internal communication? Does it matter? What is the ROI on it? And what is her one ‘knock out’ piece of communication advice? Exclusively on Masgroves TV.

Pull No Punches.

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