Company acquisition

Company acquisition

Posted 2nd October 2017

Since 2008, BWB has been owner-managed and proud of its independence. Becoming part of the global conglomerate, CAF Group, presented both opportunities and threats. The challenge for Masgroves was to create a communication campaign to help BWB’s Executive Board explain the change of ownership and business direction to their people.

Failure to do so presented a genuine risk to the business. The target was ‘zero leavers’ as a result of the announcement being made – a Big Hairy Audacious Goal!

The communication campaign ran with a clear and consistent message shared through film, a company-wide Roadshow and other channels, too. Combined, it aimed to ensure people:

  • Understood what was happening.
  • Felt reassured about their future and that of the company.
  • Were excited by the opportunities this offered.

The campaign was built around a number of key insights. For example, it was important to appreciate the role of the local manager. They were expected to deal with questions and act as advocates of the change – therefore, it was vital to involve and engage with them from the outset and throughout.


“We commissioned Masgroves for this business-critical communication because we knew they’d deliver what was needed. They didn’t let us down! They are proactive, original and friendly and adept at quickly gaining an understanding of the business culture and ethos of their clients.”


When reviewing the campaign many months afterwards, “It was as if nothing happened” was the highest praise imaginable. BWB successfully communicated the change, ran the business as usual and the number of leavers? Zero, of course.

  • Category : Communication
  • Date : 02.10.17
  • Client : BWB Consulting