Employee engagement

Employee engagement

Posted 2nd January 2016

Founded in 1921 as Walker Crossweller & Co Ltd their business has grown significantly for over the last 90-odd years. In 2001, Kohler Co. acquired the Mira Shower making it part of a family with over 30,000 associates worldwide. Today, Mira Showers is an innovation-driven business shaped by a fascination with water – a fascination that shapes our designs.

Mira Showers is equally fascinated by their associates. With a desire for everyone to be the best version of themselves at work, the company measured themselves against the highest standard – Best Companies.

To help with their journey, we analysed their Best Companies data and worked with HR, Marketing and the Director teams to create an innovative communication plan for the year ahead.

  • It focused on three Best Companies factors with Leadership being the primary one.
  • A ‘constant simmer’ of activities ensured associates received regular communication, avoiding a ‘feast vs. famine’ approach.
  • Every activity had a purpose, linking back to the insight derived from what associates had shared in their survey feedback.

The first survey after the plan had been in operation saw Mira Showers regain their One to Watch status in 2015 after a five-year gap. The following year, Mira went one better and achieved 1* Star status for the first time.

Pleasingly, the 2015 results saw all eight Best Company factors improve, but Leadership by the largest percentage (9%.) a trend that continued the following year, too. Putting communication at the heart of their engagement plans yielded the step-change in results Mira Showers hoped for and delivered one of our most pleasing project outcomes.

  • Category : Communication
  • Date : 02.01.2016
  • Client : Mira Showers