Values launch

Values launch

Posted 2nd April 2018

At the end of 2017, Emperor launched their Pledges. A commitment from the business about their 10 most important attributes – their DNA. Our brief? To help launch the Pledges across 5 offices simultaneously and with a sense of excitement.

Our solution? A box.

A box filled with items representing each of the Pledges. All desk dropped with a “Do Not Open Until 10.30” message. But where did the idea come from?

A vegan restaurant in Madrid.

Rayén used yellow tape, pineapples and a lightbulb to lift its rather grey and dull exterior. The result is a unique facade that gives the illusion a bright yellow light shines at the entrance. But how did this inspire us?

It acted as the trigger. For thinking how something so visually exciting could hide something completely different inside. From such a simple idea, the Pledges box was created.

A pencil for “We encourage innovation and ideas.” Every great idea starts with a scribble, right? A gym pass for “We look after the whole you.” And so on.


“As we look around the company, Our Pledges are visible and they are happening. We are delighted with the level of engagement so far and the results are already tangible, which makes us an agency we can all be proud of.”


The launch was a great success. To help champion the Pledges, Emperor created a team of Ambassadors across the company. Their role was to look after each of the individual pledges who will drive activity and make sure the Pledges are embedded in the day-to-day life of the agency.

  • Category : Marketing
  • Date : 02.04.2018
  • Client : Emperor